Saturday, September 13, 2008

The positive influence that the Bryant Park Project has had on my life

I miss the The Bryant Park Project. I miss the blog. I miss the BPP staff. Certainly, the BPP staff misses the show far more than an audience member like me ever could. Though, I must say this: the show has had at least one lasting positive effect on my life, an effect that presented itself at work.

You see, as an engineer, I'm used to working around people with poor social skills. While my social skills may not make me very popular by normal society's standards, I am regular social butterfly compared to other engineers. My co-workers are usually blunt, gruff, and awkward, and that's when they're nice. Anyway, as part of the job, I needed to have some lab equipment moved from one building to another. So I sent an e-mail to the property manager, but, instead of some terse statement about moving, I wrote, "Would you please send some of your esteemed professional movers to help me at this moment of dire need?"

Esteemed professional movers. Not movers, not just professional movers, but esteemed professional movers. When the esteemed professional movers came (or E.P.M.'s as I like to call them), the crew chief thanked me for the e-mail and told me that he's hanging it up and framing it.Were it not for the BPP and NPR's Esteemed Science Correspondent Robert Krulwich, I would have never gotten that positive response.

I hope other people have had something like that happen for them.

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